Things to Expect when Visiting a Chiropractic Clinic for the First Time

Things to Expect when Visiting a Chiropractic Clinic for the First Time

If you are thinking of getting a spinal adjustment, you would want to know what the first visit to the chiropractic visit is going to be like. You will find that it is very much like seeing any health care provider for the very first time. Expect that you are going to be asked to fill out your information and a physical exam is going to be in order too. This will usually be followed by treatment as well as a follow up plan. All of these steps are designed to make it possible for the chiropractor to not only assess your treatment, but to track it and fine-tune it along the way as needed.

Here are things that you can expect when going to a chiropractic appointment for the first time.

You will go through a patient intake process. This is where you will have to fill out a questionnaire to allow the health care provider to determine your present health condition. This is also a way to get a look at your medical history as well as establish any chronic or isolated injuries. Expect that the chiropractor is going to ask questions that may help him determine if any of the activities you are doing now is exacerbating your pain and discomfort. This is also a good time for you to communicate to the professional as well a set your health goals.

Physical examination is the next step. This is where your reflexes, you muscle strength, as well as your range of motions will be assessed by the chiropractor. Expect your neck and spine areas to be checked thoroughly as these are the core areas when it comes to chiropractic care. Any specific areas in your body where you may be feeling some discomfort will be checked too. X-rays may also be taken by the chiropractor. The images will help him get a better understanding of the structure and integrity of your musculoskeletal anatomy.

If, after the consultation and the exam, it has been determined by your chiropractor that you can benefit from an adjustment, he will go through with the procedure. The adjustment process is designed to provide quick relief to the pain along your spine. Depending on the kind of adjustment that your chiropractor assesses is beneficial for you, it may be performed while you are on your side, facing down, lying down or sitting upright.

It is also possible for your chiropractor to recommend multiple adjustment sessions. The main goal is to address the pain and the discomfort and for ongoing care to be provided only when needed. At the Bodywell Group, expect that Spinal Health Specialist Dr. Christian will use his extensive expertise and experience in chiropractic care to not only provide you with near-immediate relief, but a lasting solution to your back pain too. Get to know more about Dr. Christian Farthing and his extensive work in chiropractic care here.