Simple Home Remedies to Alleviate Back Pain

Simple Home Remedies to Alleviate Back Pain

Back pain is way more common than you think. Studies revealed that most adults experience it at some point- in fact, around 80 percent actually do. While lower back pain is the most common issue, there are others that have reported experiencing neck pain and upper back pain too.

People suffering from the condition know too well the discomfort it causes. If you are one of those that are experiencing this problem, you will certainly be actively seeking for ways that the pain and the discomfort to be alleviated. You will be surprised to learn though that oftentimes, all you need are just a few tweaks and changes to your lifestyle. Below are some healthier habits that will not only alleviate the pain, but will help improve your overall back health too.

Minimize your screen time

Many people have made a habit of slouching in front of their computer screens, televisions or game consoles as a way to keep themselves entertained. It is not surprising at all to know that this is one habit that’s hurting your back. Even kids who have been exposed to video games early on are also prone to back pain.

Limiting the time that the entire family spends in front of a screen is a good first step. Dr. Christian of the Bodywell Group suggests introducing more physical activities. Those times that you do spend on some screen time, make an effort to practice proper posture and make sure to take breaks regularly.

Try low-impact exercises

Many people often forego working out the moment they start experiencing back pain. However, it has been established that physical activity is crucial for a healthier back. In fact, it has been confirmed that moderate exercises are quite helpful in reducing lower back pain. Brisk walking, yoga, and swimming laps are just a few of the many low-impact exercises that back pain sufferers should start getting into to help them achieve better back health.

Loss some pounds

Extra weight causes extra stress to the body. This is especially true if the extra weight is distributed along the breast or the belly regions as this can worsen an already strained back. Taking small steps to slowly shed off the extra pounds is ideal. Aside from establishing a fitness routine, it helps to cut back on calories and other unhealthy choices in your diet. Your doctor can help you come up with an eating plan that is both doable and sustainable.

Proper sleeping position matters

When you suffer from back pain, it is important to keep your spine properly aligned at all times. This means making sure that you pay attention to your sleeping position. Sleeping on your side, in a foetal position, is often ideal. This helps ensure proper spine alignment thus, preventing you from excruciating back pain the next morning.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are often the most effective when it comes to managing your back pain. Dr. Christian from the Bodywell Clinic aims at correcting and solving back pain issues rather than just provide temporary solutions. A Spinal Health Specialist, he brings expert international perspective for healthcare and wellness at the Bodywell Group. Know more about Dr. Christian Farthing’s work here.