BodyWell is Patient Centered

BodyWell take your health seriously. You are not a number and we respect your time. You are an individual and deserve personalized care. BodyWell looks forward to helping you because we acknowledge the importance of providing affordable care and good-old fashioned service, with a smile!

BodyWell has Excellent Service

BodyWell provides a large range of health products and services and therefore has grown quickly to serve more than 12,500 patients who regularly share their testimonials and personal health success stories.

With a vision of building a Centre from the ground up, BodyWell now leads patient care for people who choose to seek its services from around Kent, Sussex, Essex, South East London to as far as Cyprus, Germany and France.

BodyWell Focuses on Results

BodyWell has positioned itself as the expert Centre of health for solving health problems by identifying and correcting the cause. It may surprise you that many Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and even our own GP, simply provide temporary relief.

People travel miles to visit the BodyWell Group because of its reputation for providing service and clinical excellence, getting results and utilizing state-of-art diagnostic equipment and utilization of the most advanced methods to correct your problem. As the only facility in Kent to provide Digital X-ray Imaging, Digital Nerve Scan Technology, Digital Foot Scanning and Patient Care Systems, BodyWell looks forward to serving you